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Natural COFFEE WOOD CHEW stick

Natural COFFEE WOOD CHEW stick

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Coffee Chew is a hard coffee wood stick that naturally cares for your dog's teeth and provides hours of fun indoors or outdoors. They are naturally odorless, which makes them a great alternative to other chewable treats. These teethers do not break into sharp fragments. Instead, they break down into soft and small, easily digestible pieces that prevent damage to your dog's teeth. However, be sure to remove any small pieces that might cause concern, as you would with any other chew toy.

  • ecological product
  • a natural by-product from the harvest of coffee beans
  • 100% vegan
  • free from caffeine, chemicals and enhancers
  • available in 3 sizes (S, M, L)
  • a great odorless alternative to other chewable treats
  • helps take care of your dog's teeth

Coffee wood is a natural by-product of harvesting coffee beans. This means that no tree is cut down solely to produce these natural dental chews.


Who can bite them?

Our coffee wood chew sticks are good for dogs of all sizes and ages.



Stick length / stick weight:

S - 12-15 cm / 30-50 g [for dogs weighing up to 10 kg]

M - 17 cm / approx. 75 g [for dogs weighing 10-20 kg]

L - 19 cm / 100-120 g [for dogs weighing 20+ kg]

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