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Wand toy with catnip and a bell JELLYFISH light grey

Wand toy with catnip and a bell JELLYFISH light grey

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A wand toy is an absolute must-have in every cat's collection. Handcrafted from organic cotton yarn, it contains natural catnip and a bell, which will additionally stimulate your pet's senses and encourage it to play, thanks to which your cat will develop properly and will not be bored. The wand toy will nurture the instinct of a true hunter and strengthen the bond between you.


  • original and funny shape
  • a toy handcrafted in Poland
  • organic cotton yarn (GOTS certified)
  • the toy is filled with catnip, which cats love
  • a bell inside that will encourage cat to play
  • the toy received a special award in the "Sfinksy 2021" plebiscite

Size Height of the crochet toy: approx. 13 cm


Soft and safe for the cat: Made of high-quality, certified materials, the crochet toy is not only durable, but also safe for your cat's teeth and claws.

To encourage play: Natural catnip and a bell are hidden inside the toy, which stimulate the cat's natural hunting instincts, encouraging it to be active and move.

Stimulates healthy behavior: Playing with wand toy with catnip and bell helps prevent boredom and encourages physical activity, which contributes to your cat's health and well-being.

Perfect for all cats: Regardless of age or size, our crochet toys will entertain both young and elder cats.


IMPORTANT Please remember that no toy is indestructible. Always supervise your pet when it plays with toys. Do not let pets play with broken or damaged toys.


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